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With "game modes" I basically reckon what conditions are set in game setup before you start to play a map. currently the game setup enables to choose a map and (if you have a pro account) what units will be available within the particular game. for the time being there is only one way to win a map and that is to eliminate your opponent(s). with new game modes implemented, there could be new ways to play the same old maps in a different manner as well as nice variatons of new maps that could be designed with focus on the new mode settings. jump to Team Chat, Locked Teams, Shroud Mode, Greed Mode, Time Mode, Capture the Flag Mode, Nuclear Domination Mode, Tournament Mode



  • always active
  • eliminate all other not allied players (no bases left, no units left)

  • not rateable
    DETAILS: this is the actual mode as is. the new thing would be the name only, useful to be distinguishable from other victory modes. this mode is always on

    Setting type:

    Team Chat

  • optional
  • chat to teammates only during a game

  • Team Chat Rating