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sitemap: display of homepage's structure
contributors: list of people whose ideas were hosted on this site
quick look: on all contributed artwork
museum: shows old game graphics that have been changed
mods: list of weebot modifications
offsite links: to other weewar related sites

links to my map previews on weewar.com grouped into categories. some more detailed map descriptions

Casablanca to Cairo
Vietnam Jungle
NY Boroughs
Central America


a list of recommended maps by other users grouped into categories        
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1 freighter
2 carrier
3 airlift
4 halftrack
5 sniper
6 navyseal
7 cruiser
8 strike fighter
9 paratrooper
10 cushion launcher
11 transformer
12 minisub
13 torpedoboat
14 flaktank
15 annex trooper
16 cruise missile
17 nuke missile
18 satellite
19 wall
20 watchtower
21 factory
22 oilrig
cruise missile
nuke missile

a summary of all contributions ranked by voting score (voteable)

a list of new units ideas (voteable)
a list of new terrain ideas (voteable)
1 rocks
2 jungle
3 town
4 concrete
5 shallow water
6 deep sea
7 bunker
8 victory spot
9 winter set
10 road
11 mountain peak
12 ruins
shallow water
victory spot
winter set
a list of new game setting ideas (voteable)
1 elimination
2 team chat
3 locked teams
4 shroud
5 greed
6 time
7 capture the flag
8 nuke domination
9 tournament
10 upkeep
nuke domination
a list of unit balancing suggestions (voteable)
1 destroyer
2 berserker
3 jet
3 bomber




Learn here who allowed me to put their stuff and ideas online to add to be added to the collections.


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Well I´m the guy wo runs this site and I am always happy, if somebody of you weewar folks out there got some ideas or artwork I could post here. Just drop me a line if you want to.
Weewar user profile picture
Madmike is one of the most active and creative members of the Weewar community. He posted a lot of ideas and new graphics for units, terrains and other mainly on the former tangler forum. I'm happy that I was allowed to present his stuff on my site. (Winter terrain set, unified road tiles and other terrain, sniper, seal trooper, hover tank...)
Weewar user profile picture
Gocrawford was the first to make an animated weewar unit, which was well received in the tangler forum. I was allowed to quote it on my site and named it "transformer".
Weewar user profile picture
Yamamoto Kansuke drew a new aircraft and elaborated some unit stats for this powerfull new multipurpose aircraft in the Weewar forums. Since I like the A10 look of it very much I asked him to be allowed to present it here also.
Weewar user profile picture
Kajah started a major weewar fanproject 2009, the mighty weebot with extensive customability. more information to come!
Weewar user profile picture
Weewarrior is retired since summer 2007, he made some units (annex trooper, aa-ship,..) and terrains (dunes..) in the old tangler forum.
Weewar user profile picture
Norami joined our forces in the start of 2010 to make his WaterMod for Weebot. He also helps us a lot with providing Webspace and Know how for the Weebot.net development blog. Thanks a million!!
Weewar user profile picture
Rahl comes aboard in February 2010 to create the WinterMod for Weebot based upon Madmikes terrain tiles and some new stuff.
Weewar user profile picture
Yourtime joined us in March 2010 to create some new stuff for Weebot like a space theme Mod or also new AIs for Weebot and Weewar.
These icons             mark the particular source/contributor.
These icons    mark the specific mod using the idea in Weebot on this Website.

Quick Look

Have a quick look on the collected artwork stuff from this website's different subsections:


Weewar Museum


This section shows some weewar graphics that have changed. Check here for the weewar history (offsite)


old new some units and terrain changed their appearance throughout time:
>return< >return< Trooper 2007
>return< >return< Heavy Trooper (2007)
>return< >return< Hovercraft (2008)
>return< >return< Berserker (please contact me if you have a higher resolution file of the old 2007 version)
>return< >return< Destroyer (as seen in testserver 2009)
>return< >return< Cruiser (as seen in testserver 2009)
>return< >return< Repair field (please contact me if you have a higher resolution file of the old 2007 version)

here you can see the old unit inspector on the upper left giving information about terrain boni and on the lower left the former replay feature, also the unit colors changed a bit as well as the weewar logo:


Game Mod(ification)s

currently available mods for weebot:

  by kajah
Mod preview status:   playable
features:   additional terrains town, deepsea, concrete, shallow water. unchanged weewar units with some additional like sniper, engineer, wall, watchtower, factory, oilrig. units cost upkeep every turn. engineers can capture plains, desert, concrete. hovers can capture deep sea. on these captured terrains structures can be built that increase income or security.
main difference to weewar:   defense buildings and new economical aspect (esp. interesting with the fog of war setting)
can be played on original maps:   yes
mod specific maps (new terrain provided):   Oily Australia, Lakedon, Aruba C, There will be blood III(KajahMod)
specifications link

  by casaubon
Mod preview status:   playable (would love to implement transports later)
features:   many additional terrains and combat units, some new unit stats for conventional units
main difference to weewar:   roads and usage of much other new terrain on some altered maps. repairing rules changed, units repair slower except in captured buildings. defending rules changed for SOFT class in captured buildings and AIR class on airfield. in sea fights similiar diversity like in land battles. some units stats of otherwise unchanged weewar units tweaked for balancing (bomber range 2, subs ignore ZoC, ...)
can be played on original maps:   yes
mod specific map versions (new terrain provided):   Lakedon, Casablanca to Cairo, New York, Vietnam, Roads, Jungle, Waters
specifications link

  by norami
Mod preview status:   unfinished
features:   additional terrains (underwater reef, deep water,...) and sea units (scuba trooper,...), more info later
main difference to weewar:   original game plus additions with focus on seafight
can be played on original maps:   yes
mod specific map versions (new terrain provided): snowflake reef

  by rahl
Mod preview status:   not yet started
features:   modded terrain set using madmikes winter tiles (more info to come)
main difference to weewar:   different specifications on different looking winter tiles
can be played on original maps:   not clear yet
mod specific map versions (new terrain provided): none yet

by casaubon
Mod preview status:   unfinished
features:   mod is set in 19th century with cavalry, infantry and artillery units. mod features different sides with unique unit sets. forts with destructible walls.
main difference to weewar:   bigger game mechanic differences than in casamod but far less units. units buildable in some headquarters only. players can build different and faction - specific units only. different amounts of hitpoints for unit classes. new color scheme and larger terrain hexes.
can be played on original maps:   no
mod specific map versions (new terrain provided):   none yet

Here I collect some ideas on whole new game rules and game mechanics. Just some theoretical viewiness...


just another idea: new features for original weewar would be cool, but to keep the simplicity of the game for those who want it, why not create a third category of players, not just trial and pro, but gold accounts with additional features. this would ease the discomfort for those who want to keep things simple and on the other side make those content, who think the game lacks a bit of depth:

the game could distinguish 3 classes of players. gold players could pay more for subscription / consume their subscription time faster and have more game options to choose from: (related & off-site:topic in weewar forums)



  >return< Don't take this too seriously :-) I was bored once ...
A zombie mod with RPG elements:
troopers have 3 inventory slots and they can be equiped with different weapons like rocket launchers, rifles, pistols, ... or supply equipment like fuel, ammo, medicine in bases. walking speed is dependent on what inventory items a trooper is carrying, the use of different items needs a different amount of movement points. the health value of troopers affects the amount of movement points. also the different weapons have an accuracy value, that shows how probable an attack will be. different to weewar attacks may miss completely, but mostly troopers can perform multiple attack tries with more than 1 firing range within one turn. terrain has an effect on the hit probablity. weapons consume ammo in attacks and vehicles consume fuel in movement, both can be refilled by according equipment that is gained from bases. In town tiles troopers can rescue other humans that join their fight, they can not produce new units so they play against time, when zombies eventually become too many. the human team is victorious if they reach any airport or harbor on the map, the score is calculated by how many troopers that have not been infected reached the escape points (harbor, airfield). troopers with 1 or 2 hitpoints are severly wounded and can not move any further, they can be healed some hitpoints with medicine to make them move again and they can still defend a little if lying on the floor. trooper shooting is not countered by zombies. zombie attacks are countered by troopers, which can be used to waste their ammo on weak zombies. troopers with no ammo at all still have a basic attack/defense value. vehicles have also inventory slots, that can be used for transporting troopers or equipement.
every zombie attack has a chance of infecting a trooper. infected troopers lose health every turn and can not be cured, they die, if health turns 0 but this process can be slowed by using medicine from inventory or on repair fields (hospitals). zombies turn killed and formerly infected enemies into new zombies that join their own team. zombies dont show hitpoints to the human player as well as the human units do not show ammo status to the zombie player. zombies spawn different sorts of zombies, cheap but slow scufflers, free but weak skeletonlike zombies, highly infective stinkers, fast creepers, whole mobs with massive hitpoints, ghouls that feed upon their victims and regenerate hitpoints, even armed zombies... zombies and vehicles are not affected by zone of control.

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