madmike created a winter flavor terrain set and some other new terrains. you can read about his specs in a thread in the old tangler forum.

his street suggestion differs significantly from casaubons street system as the whole tile is defined as concrete/pavement and does not need to be connected graphically to other adjacent concrete tiles to create a street.


That is why in my proposed tile set, I created a full gray tile. Instead of naming it road, I should of named it "concrete" or "pavement". I was still thinking in "Wee" terms where it was simple to add the new terrain without over complicating it(creating different tiles for each direction). The purpose of "concrete" tile was to create a tile that benefits wheel/track units. As full gray tile, you could make a road in any direction or a full city like in the corner of my example map.

Pavement Tile Stats:
Adds +1 to wheel/track movement(not hover)
Adds -1 to infantry Defense
Adds +1 Defense to light vehicles


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