it's red players turn. red had moved all his units except 4 of his paratroopers before. the animation shows the remaining paratroopers' movement options. paratroopers on airfields have additional movement options displayed by a small green parachute icon next to them. paratroopers on any different terrain than airfield do not have this options and show no parachute icon. the first paratrooper performs a drop-move. he can move 8 hexes by air and land behind enemy units or across water. he can not land on water, base, harbor, repair shop, mountain or forest tiles. enemy air zone of control is valid during drop-move, so the blue jet and AA gun also limit his move a little here. the second and third red paratrooper perform transfer- moves ( I thought this over and prefer now the airplane version - see below). that is a move between your starting airfield and any other of yours or neutral airfields on the map, regardless of distance. the fourth paratrooper is not on an airfield and moves up to 3 hexes on ground same as regular troopers. he moves to the next airfield to be able to do his special moves next turn.

I thought over another version of paratrooper gameplay, where troopers, when reaching an airfield they are displayed as airplane (which they mount). then they act as defenseless transport planes until the unit is given the paradrop command and turns again into the trooper infantry sprite with all its characteristics... You can see the transport planes in the unit section. In this version the troopers that turned into planes, can travel the map as many turns as the player decides before he turns them back into paratroopers ("drops" them). During the flight they can be intercepted...

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