example of a screen when you start a new game with the new features. by choosing the map from the drop down menu some game modes or units are blocked automatically that are unavailable for the particular map. in this example of Madmike´s map River Maze helicopters, bombers and jets are blocked, because there is no such units positioned in the start of the map and there is no means to produce such units due to the lack of airfields. anti aircraft, carriers and para troopers are blocked also (missing of airfields makes them redundant)... same reasons for autoblocking cruise missile, satellite and nuke missile (no launch sites on map). even if there was at least one launch site, cruise missiles would be available to be built, but still the availability of satellites depended whether the game creator ticked "shroud mode" or not. same with nuke missile and "nuclear domination mode." new maps that contain new terrain tiles are marked in the drop down menu with the yellow icon "gold map". teamplay is blocked automatically, if there is only 2 players on a map. "Time" and "Greed" are blocked if there is no bases on the map. when game starters tick "Teamplay" (on a different map) or "Time" or "Greed" they are prompted with an input window, where they can set alliances or the rounds / credits necessary to win the game in "Time" or "Greed".

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