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Yamamoto Kansuke had an idea for a new strong air unit, inspired by the A10 bomber. A discussion followed in the weewar forum, if this new aircraft unit should have a firing range of 2 or attack twice and what its special ability should be in general. should it fire from 2 distance or fire twice from 1 distance? should it be able to attack subs as the only air unit? how would it differ from the other aircraft ingame? read the whole thread here


Yeah I think the above are valid points. I could see the potential for plane, heli and bomber becoming redundant and that is really not my purpose. With the specialist tank / sub buster role in mind, I have adjusted the following.

Giving an aircraft unit not only mobility but also range might be to excessive. I agree and a ranged approach really might not be the way to go. Battleships, DFA, Berserkers have there own characteristics and I suppose I was just trying to give this air unit something.
An idea.... how about a unit with a mutiple attack of 2-1. The unit would lose out in defensive strength because of the armor piecing ammo's weight and the time it needs to make that double attack. Hence the Def of 8.

Attack Strength
(we discussed this and YM agreed that it should be set to 8 also)

Def Strength 8
Mobility 16, 4
Attack Range 2-1
Credit 1000

I think "assault bomber" is better idea for a name as tankbuster is too limiting.
Or maybe another name could be "Strike Fighter" is well suited, I like this one.